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About NACS

North Atlanta Counseling Services
Established in 1979, North Atlanta Counseling Services (NACS) helps people grow and change through the application of biblical principles and counseling theory.

We all have a need and desire for deep, meaningful relationships. When our relationships aren't "working" there is no greater pain. No one is immune to hurt. Our goal is to help people deal effectively with the hurt and overcome the barriers that keep them from experiencing true intimacy.

Gene Schrader

Gene Schrader
Gene Schrader, founder and director of North Atlanta Counseling Services (NACS), is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors (A.A.C.C.). He has been in private practice since 1977 with extensive experience in individual therapy, marriage and family therapy, teenage problems and sexuality. He brings God's truth to those in conflict within their marriages, adjusting and grieving to losses in life, and depression.

A frequent speaker for church groups, he has conducted seminars on sexuality, bonding and true intimacy, parenting and fathering, overcoming affairs, and loyalty. Gene earned his masters degree in counseling from Georgia State University concurrently while attending Psychological Studies Institute (a Christian psychological institute). He has been in Christian related ministries since 1972.

Married since 1963, Gene and his wife, Eldeen, have two daughters, a son, and five grandchildren.