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In the midst of pain and chaos, many children develop coping mechanisms.

  • Acting Out - some children, previously easy-going, begin hitting others for seemingly no reason. Other children may get extremely nervous or upset in the presence of other children in a disagreement.
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder - some children will begin to ritualistically repeat certain behaviors to ease compulsive thoughts.
  • Caretaking - some children will become master caretakers of others, trying to fix everything. Usually this behavior causes them to neglect their own needs.
  • Denial - in the face of pain, some children just decide not to think about it. Their reasoning is that if they don't deal with it, they won't remember it, so it won't hurt.
  • Withdrawal - some children become sullen and quiet, isolating themselves from friends and activities they used to enjoy.

But problems arise when these coping mechanisms are carried into adulthood.

  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder - like children, some adults may ritualistically repeat certain behaviors to ease their obsessive thoughts.
  • Isolation - some adults may block themselves off from those closest to them. Workaholism is a classic isolating behavior.
  • Sex - some adults use sex, from abstinence to permissiveness, as a means to control.
  • Eating Disorders - some adults use food to change their emotional mood.
  • Caretaking - some adults, like children, busy themselves taking care of others while neglecting their own needs.

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