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Corporate Consulting/Coaching

As an executive, you are responsible for making hundreds of decisions each day. Some are quite easy to make. Yet other decisions have long-range implications and cannot be made lightly.

What if you had someone (impartial, outside your company) who could assist you in processing your current situation, discerning alternatives or options, clarifying goals and expectations (of yourself and others), and offering solutions and resolutions to those weighty decisions?

An Executive Coach is a catalyst to the executive—providing the necessary support and counsel for the executive to succeed at work and in life. An Executive Coach is a “safe” sounding-board, an objective person outside of the executive’s workplace arena, discerning alternatives and options in the midst of decision-making. An Executive Coach is a motivator—increasing the executive’s organizational and relational effectiveness.

As an executive coach, I provide an objective view to your life and work. I can help you:

  • Discern the truth in any given situation and live it out
  • Make decisions in light of your values
  • Manage and resolve conflict
  • Increase your organizational and relational effectiveness
  • Recognize the signs of burnout or overload
  • Deal with the areas of greatest temptation or weakness
  • Balance your priorities of loyalty—ensuring you are not sacrificing your family for success.

About Gene Schrader

Since 1977, I have been a personal and relationship coach. As founder and director of North Atlanta Counseling Services, in Roswell, Georgia, I work with individuals and couples in crisis situations and life transition—dealing with pain from their past, conflict resolution, overcoming addictions and dealing with betrayal and loss. My goal is to help individuals recognize and live in Truth—achieving success in their personal and professional lives.

For eight years prior to entering the counseling field, I held sales and management positions in an international company. I am acutely aware of the stresses and demands of the corporate world. Recently I have consulted with companies in resolving and managing conflict.


Is an Executive Coach for you?
For more information on the coaching process and its benefits, contact Gene Schrader. “I help individuals recognize and live in Truth—achieving success in their personal and professional lives.”