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Couples Counseling

Usually when a couple gets to the point of coming to NACS, their relationship, by all intents and purposes, is almost non-existent. Each has logged countless hurts and grievances over the years. Still many stay in the relationship, not out of a commitment or dedication to the other, but due to a commitment of constraint: for the sake of their children, the shame or embarrassment of divorce, or fear of failure.

Though every situation is different, but many marriages come to the point of having no hope in their relationship. They believe it's better to split up. They come to NACS as a last resort.

Our goal in counseling is to create an environment, through God's power and guidance, where husbands and wives feel safe to be themselves in each other's presence. Then they can begin to peel away the layers of hurt and protection to express their deep thoughts and feelings.

That’s when we’ve seen God bring life out of deadness. He can take a dead relationship and bring it to life.

Let us help you walk through this journey of healing and allow God to bring new life to your relationship.


Does your marriage need help?
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  • Betrayal/Adultery
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