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Individual Personal Coaching

Coaching is different from therapy or counseling, which is for those who are troubled and in crisis. Coaching is for people who are mature and have a vision about what they want, yet need a jumpstart. A coach bridges the gap between where you are and where you want to be, helping you to stay focused. As a coach, I act as a sounding board, encourage action and offer honest feedback with specific suggestions.

A coach helps you implement what you’ve learned from seminars and how-to books so that results can be sustainable. Sometimes talking with an outsider can actually be more helpful than a friend or a spouse. A coach is objective in helping you stay on your path, but subjective in caring for you. When you work with a coach, you get what you want much faster and efficiently than if you work alone.

I help people master today’s challenges and welcome new adventures. Coaching is for people who:

  • Want to find a more fulfilling job and career to fulfill their dreams.
  • Want to develop more satisfaction and balance in life when “success” isn’t enough.
  • Want feedback and motivation while struggling with the isolation of self-employment.
  • Want a competitive edge in the ever-changing corporate structure.
  • Want direction in dealing with life and/or business transitions.
  • Want to overcome chaos and create a simpler, more organized life.
  • Want their marriage to go from good to great.
  • Want to experience more fun in life—a balance between worship, work and play.

Coaching is practical and convenient! There are no traffic or parking concerns because it can be accomplished through “tele-coaching” (over the phone). Clients contract for 3 coaching calls per month, with e-mail support and extra calls as needed.


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