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The Color of Your Soul

A few months ago I spoke at the funeral of a woman whom I respected very much. Kathie Gruber had endured many wounds in her life, yet she was a comforter to all who knew her. How did she become a comfort to so many when she had suffered wounds of abandonment, violation and betrayal on two occasions?

II Cor. 1:3-6 tells us that the Lord Jesus Christ will comfort us in all our troubles so that we comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.

The grace of God which gives us what we don't deserve and His mercy withholds from us what we do deserve. Christ placed the condemnation and judgment we all deserve on Him.

I believe what this dear soul Kathie did with the sins of others against her. She believed that Christ broke the power of their sins over her. She appreciated the truth and that enabled her not to become bitter or revengeful.

While walking through the pain of one of these betrayals, Kathie come up with this statement: "The things that matter the most are the purity of my mind, the gentleness of my heart and the color of my soul." What she meant by the color of her soul was that she would reflect light, and not darkness, to all those around her. It's a choice she made every day.

My prayer is that in our hurtful moments that we will take them to the Lord Jesus and believe that he breaks the power of our sins over us and for the grace to forgive others who have caused us pain.

What color is your soul?

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