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Setting Priorities
Remedy for an Out-of-Control Life

Today, like never before, we are constantly challenged to maintain a balanced life. It is so easy to be swept into a pace that even Superman would probably have a hard time keeping up with. I have never seen so many people stressed—out and anxious-one step away from outright panic.

You know, none of this surprises God. He knows us so completely, like only a Creator can. He offers us a perfect remedy for an out-of-control life: "Be still and know that I am God." (Psalm 46:10).

Being still. Don't see much of that going on. It seems to be an almost un-American activity. I say activity because it is active—it's an exercise. It involves stopping (literally) and letting your thoughts turn to Him. By doing this, we have the chance to give Him our concerns and to re-focus our minds on what is truly important.

In order to set my priorities correctly, everyday (sometimes it seems every moment), I must ask myself this question—who or what is controlling me? My answer reveals what I've allowed to be important.

More than anything, I want God to control my life. I want to be more connected with Him and then, through that connection, be more connected with my loved ones. I want true intimacy.

For me, one of things that erodes my desire for intimacy is my drive to succeed financially. There's nothing wrong with success. But I know in my heart when it begins to control me.

At that point, I must become still and focus on God. My prayer becomes: "Lord, may I not wear myself out to get rich. Give me the understanding to cease. May I not set my desire on what flies away. 'For wealth surely sprouts wings and flies into the heavens like an eagle.' (Proverbs 23:4-5)."

Like the song says, "money can't buy me love." It can't buy me the intimacy-the deep, satisfying connection—I want with God and my wife. When my priorities are in line, then I am free to experience what I want most.

My prayer for is that you will seek the Lord with your whole heart and then ask for wisdom for Him to order your steps. Rest assured, when you ask, He will answer.

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